Margate’s creative scene has been shifting dramatically over the past few decades, but who are the artists and organisations coming in and out of the town? The Margate Artist Almanac is about celebrating who’s here, and taking a deeper dive into what they do. As the town’s artist population ebbs and flows, the Almanac is about starting a conversation and documenting who’s who.

Led by artists, the Almanac is a non-commercial project that seeks to provide an on-going historic snapshot, database and resource for artists, creatives and organisations.

Here are some of the findings from the 2024 survey, which will be updated again at the end of June 2024.

The project is alive and moving — we know you’re not all on this list! If you, or someone else you know, wants to be included please go to: It is open to anyone who has a creative practice based in Margate, as well as those who have previously lived and worked here.

Entries are welcome from:

  • all artists and creatives currently based in Margate, or who have lived and worked in Margate at some point
  • all independent producers or curators based in Margate, or who have lived and worked in Margate at some point
  • all of Margate’s art organisations (including galleries, venues, studios), past and present

Collecting independent data is important. We know that the arts make a big difference to the well-being, vibrancy and the economy of the area, but no-one knows how many artists and arts people are here. Margate is becoming a key moment in the history of art – let’s ensure everyone is celebrated for their contribution.

Thank you to everyone that has kindly contributed so far.

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