Between February and May 2024, 196 artists, creatives, producers, curators and leaders of arts organisations signed up to be part of the Margate Artist Almanac. Here we present the analysis of the data we received, plus a list of all the amazing people and orgs from our town who have signed up so far.

174 artists and producers

22 arts organisations

The population of Margate, according to Government data in 2021, is 63,322. The population of England and Wales was 59.6 million. All stats for national averages quoted on this page are from the UK 2021 Census data.

Variety of practices

activist, actor, animator, author, broadcaster, ceramicist, ceramic sculptor, chef, collaborator, comedian, comic book creator, composer, contemporary painter, costume designer, creator, curator, designer, art director, director, DJ, documentary maker, editor, educator, event organiser, fabricator, facilitator, figurative, film-maker, furniture, game-maker, gold-leaf gilder, graphic designer, graphic novelist, illustrator, interviewer, jeweller, knitter, landscape designer, laser cutter, maker, mask maker, metalsmith, musician, narrative designer, non-fiction writer, novelist, organiser, outsider, painter, patchworker, performer, photographer, playwright, poet, potter, practitioner, presenter, printmaker, producer, radio producer, realist painter, screenwriter, sculptor, seascape painter, songwriter, session stylist, sign painter, social practitioner, sonic sculptor, spoken word poet, session stylist, taxidermist, teacher, technologist, theatre practitioner, writer.

Types of artists

2D, abstract, ceramic, collage, conceptual, data, digital, drag, embroidery, found image, gilding, glass, ink, installation, interactive, interdisciplinary, kinetic, large-scale, linocut, mixed-media, portrait, science-based environmental, stained glass, surreal, sustainable furniture, textile, walking, watercolour.

Age range

National average age: 40 years old

Ethnicity (%)

Largest ethnicity: 81.7% of the population of England and Wales was white

Gender Identity

National average: Women and girls – 30.4 million, 51%; Men and boys – 29.2 million, 49% (no data found on alternative gender identities)

Arrival in Margate (Number of artists)


National average: 9.8 million people with a disability, 17.7% of UK population

Funding Success

In 2022/2023 there were 17,703 applications for Arts Council England funding. Of these 6,139 were successful (34.68%). Source: Arts Council England

Year Arts Orgs were established

Lovelies art gallery and art supply shop was founded in 1891! Turner Contemporary was founded in 2011

Artists 2024

Producers and Curators 2024

Arts Organisations 2024